Gaming has become an integral part of many of our lives, and as it continues to expand, so does the ecosystem surrounding it. This means that there are also many opportunities to get involved in the gaming industry if you have the right knowledge, skill set, and some money to spare. Here are five gaming altcoins that have great potential, which means they could give you incredible returns on your investment down the line if you can catch them when they're cheap enough!
So, watch this video till the end, to discover these 5 gaming altcoins that could make you a millionaire!
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Let's get started!
The first coin is the project seed. And the name of the coin token is the shill token. Now let us explain what this project is about and how you can buy this token today.
Project seed transforms the playing field to win.
Project seed starts with its very first game.
Which is an action role-playing game. Where players fight to discover the truth about the guardians of existence.
You will be able to choose your favorite characters. You'll also have weapons that you can upgrade to defeat your enemies.
And there's going to be a whole ecosystem. They're going to have a game studio Nfts Game Fi and Adow.
If you go and search for this token on CoinMarketCap, you'll see that it's currently priced at $0.078. And the curve of the token's evolution is indeed a little bit scary, but it's part of the game. This is how the crypto world works, there is so much volatility. 
But, if you went into the presale at $0.025, that's literally over 100x for that token when its price hit $1.63. And if we take a look at the maximum chart.
Now you can see on CoinMarketCap that it's definitely down here kind of like these coins do, they're very volatile when they're very new.
You may be thinking, "why do we think this crypto will make you a millionaire when it's at the bottom?"
The reason is simple. The price today is $0.077. If it goes back to its ATH, you can easily make at least 20 to 30X.
All of this is a very big risk, but you should still give it a shot. after all, this is a whole new one-stop blockchain gaming ecosystem that is accelerating mass adoption.
With a whole new tier implementing blockchain technology and introducing the play to earn.
And another reason we believe in this project is that it's going to be a Game Five metaverse ecosystem.
That includes Game Five Dow East and a growth program that we just mentioned and another reason we're sharing this project with you is that it's incubated on Selenium.
So, you get the idea. This project still has huge potential. And that's why the seed project is your first altcoin crypto gaming gem. which has massive upside potential.
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2- Axie infinity
Now your second altcoin crypto gaming gem that we think has huge potential and can make millionaires are going to be Axie infinity.
If you have $10,000 to start, you need to invest at least $3,000 in Axie Infinity, and here's why.
First and foremost, we know that many of you might say that Axie Infinity has already had its run. This cryptocurrency is definitely on the decline.
Why put 30% into axie infinity? The reason is that it is the lowest risk.
Let us repeat that the lowest risk is not completely risk-free, but the lowest risk.
Because if we look at axie infinity today, it's in the top 50 crypto-currencies, which is pretty incredible.
Also, the market cap is $3.6 billion.
You can see on CoinMarketCap that axie infinity is finding some support right around $35. But it could go back down to $20.
So please be aware of that. And yes, we believe in this project for many different reasons. İt is the safe bet in our opinion.
Axie Infinity has been very solid and if you just look at the basic stats of those who play this game. And all the money involved, 3.6 billion has been traded on their internal market.
The most expensive axie ever sold was over $800,000. And there are currently 2.8 million active players per day.
So, this project has proven itself time and time again. And that's why this is your second altcoin here.
3- Star Atlas
Now your third crypto-currency game is going to be Star Atlas.
Star Atlas is a next-gen game taking place in a blockchain-based metaverse built on Unreal Engine 5. The decentralized game is powered by real-time graphics, decentralized finance (DeFi) and multiplayer gameplay allowing for hyper-realistic and interactive gameplay.
Since the introduction of the Solana protocol, the blockchain has succeeded in establishing a huge, serverless and reliable gaming environment that Star Atlas is now thriving in.
Star Atlas was designed by an ambitious team of blockchain and gaming engineers, as well as financial experts.
The team built this unique metaverse to expose players to a different gaming experience through a harmonious combination of traditional games and blockchain mechanisms. So far, the platform has partnered with companies like Sino Global Capital, Yield Guild Games and Animoca Brands to "revolutionize the meaning of immersive experience."
Unlike other types of video games, Star Atlas is more than just entertainment, as it is about earning money.
By completing missions, you will be able to get some remuneration in the form of NFT, which you will be able to use to buy accessories like clothes or new weapons and spaceships.
In addition to that, you will be able to sell your tokens because there is the Star Atlas crypto currency that allows you to make different types of transactions just like Bitcoin and other currencies.
The Star Atlas crypto uses the Solana Blockchain which presents a system with a very high level of security and has the best transaction rate per second.
As far as the tokens are concerned, we can find the Atlas that represents the currency and will allow you to acquire the different accessories to improve your level. On the other side, Polis represents the governance token, which means that it allows you to influence the different decisions that concern the general aspect and organization of the game.
In short, the Star Atlas crypto allows you to have a good time doing different missions and earn money in the form of tokens. You can acquire Star Atlas tokens by visiting the official website to apply.
4- Superfarm
Your fourth altcoin gem in the crypto game sector is going to be a super farm.
A super farm has a lot of different things going on with it. They also have Nfts.
You can also see that impostors is coming soon. which is going to be an online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by Super Farm.
They will also have the video game SDK. Which are tools to create games.
And it's going to be multi-channel. So Super Starter is going to incubate impostors.
And this is going to be a potential game to look at as a super bonus here. But since it hasn't even hit the market yet.
Getting into Super Farm. could be one of those sleeping gems too.
Now, there's another thing you need to know about Super Farm and why it's a medium-risk crypto-currency coin.
It's because they don't just have an NFT launchpad. But if you click on the super starter, that's their launchpad for a lot of other crypto-currencies as well.
Some of them have done very well. Others have not done so well.
However, as we mentioned, they will incubate impostors.
So, if you want to multiply your portfolio exponentially, you need to buy Super Farm. and putting them into play could make you money.
But also in the future, again, the whole strategy here is to minimize our risk and be patient.
That's the key to patience in crypto. So, if you look at the market cap of super farms today.
It's a little bit higher than 184,000.
That would be a medium-risk play. And if you invest about $1,000 today, it goes back up to its all-time high. Which is just around four dollars.
That's where you can turn that $1,000 into about five to six thousand.
Plus, you can bet your Super Farm chips and win gems, and right now, over 49 million have been wagered in the total value locked in.
That means people are buying and staking the Super Farm. chip. And it's just a crypto-currency that, in the long run, is going to do a lot of X. And that's why it's the fourth altcoin gem.
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