This crypto platform is giving away a whopping $10,000 for free to all new members. Yep, you heard it right – it's up for grabs for anyone! Now, we've already chatted about this platform in one of our past videos. Today, though, we're switching gears and diving into something fresh and exciting called GenesisX. While I previously reviewed the Deepcoin exchange platform and found it quite impressive, GenesisX takes things to a whole new level. In this video, we're going to dig into all the juicy details of GenesisX and chat about why it's got the potential to shake up the cryptocurrency game.
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Deepcoin stands out as a cryptocurrency exchange with a diverse range of features. If you're keen to delve deeper into the platform's details, I suggest checking out the dedicated review video first before returning to this one. However, rest assured that I'll still provide a brief introduction to Deepcoin in a few seconds.
Assuming you're already in the loop about the Deepcoin trading platform - its upsides, downsides, and cool features - let's take a quick trip down memory lane and revisit what makes Deepcoin stand out. So, what exactly is Deepcoin?
Well, here's the kicker – Deepcoin is a centralized exchange with some muscle behind it (thanks to an established company), and here's the plot twist: no mandatory KYC verification checks! Yup, that means you can hop on, sign up, and start trading cryptocurrencies pronto, no need to prove who you are.
But that's not all – Deepcoin is all about derivative trading. It hands users nifty tools for dealing with perpetual contracts, those crypto contracts that tag along with the value of the underlying cryptocurrency.
Here's a look into what people are saying about Deepcoin. Overall, the platform is widely appreciated, making it our top recommendation for everyone.
Deepcoin also throws in a wallet for your crypto stash, a mining pool to stake your DC coins, and a bunch of extra perks, including wallet-friendly trading fees. Sure, it might not be the most famous kid on the block, but Deepcoin seems to have its game together – a well-rounded exchange.
What sets Deepcoin apart as the premier crypto trading platform is the innovative funded account concept, also called GenesisX. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, be sure to click this "like" button and share this video if you haven't already.
Alright, so GenesisX – it's like having a funded account, a concept you might have heard of in the Forex trading world. But here's the kicker – it's not something you see every day in the crypto-currency scene. With GenesisX, Deepcoin hooks you up with a funded account loaded with $10,000 in trading funds, and the best part? You get to pocket 80% of the profits you make. The remaining 20%? Well, that goes back to Deepcoin.
You can take part in GenesisX right now and benefit from the $10,000 offered. But you must first be registered on the Deepcoin platform. You can find the link in the description below.
Now, once you figure out what is Deepcoin, decide that it’s the right crypto exchange for you, and get yourself a reliable cryptocurrency wallet, it’s time to start exploring. The very first thing that you’ll want to do is register on the platform.
Make sure you're on the lookout for scams – use the proper link to stay safe. Once again, the official platform link is right there in the video description below, and you'll spot it in the comments section too. So, don't forget to use our link for an extra $50 bonus.
Now, here are the registration steps:
Step 1: Go to the official website of Deepcoin. At the top-right corner of the screen, you’ll see a white “Register” button. Press it.
Step 2: Here, you’ll need to select your country of residence, enter your email address, and create a password. Do so.
Step 3: Next, confirm your email. Deepcoin will send you a code that you’ll need to enter on this screen.
Step 4: Once you do so, that’s it - you’ve successfully registered on the exchange! If you register around the time of this recording, you might be eligible to receive a 10 USDT bonus.  So, make sure you don't miss out on the free 10 USDT – just click on the link in the description below!
As I’ve emphasized in the last Deepcoin review video, the exchange doesn’t employ mandatory KYC checks on its users. Among a variety of other things, this also means that your registration process is going to be super-quick and simple!
Registering on Deepcoin is painless, and will only take you a few minutes, at most - the longest part is accessing your email to confirm it on the site! Once your account is created, you’ll find yourself on the homepage of the exchange. From here, you may start exploring the Deepcoin wallet, trading software, and all of the other features offered by the platform.
Like many crypto exchanges, the platform hosts a native token, Deepcoin (DC). It’s a utility token that can be earned via the trading mining mechanism. According to the company, the token is ecological. The asset unlocking process is directly tied to the Deepcoin crypto price.
The derivatives market is the main product offered by the Deepcoin cryptocurrency exchange. Customers can choose between two types of derivatives contracts: USDT Perpetual and Inverse Perpetual.
Perpetual contract traders on the Deepcoin crypto exchange can access a broad range of tools, including K-Line quick trading, dual-price liquidation, and trailing stops. It enables to set up of as many as 50 take-profit / stop-loss positions, as well as up to 20 positions with split or merge leverage. The contracts can be traded with up to 125x leverage.
The Deepcoin spot market lists over 100 crypto assets. The market offers three order types – market, limit, and conditional. Available trading categories induce DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, NFT, and platform tokens.
Overall, Deepcoin is the best cryptocurrency exchange platform. Firstly, due to the absence of KYC, and secondly, because of its various features, including the innovative funded account concept, also known as GenesisX.
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