Contexia is a passive income protocol that combines Node, NFTs, gambling, and gamification into one package that can be used by anybody. And Contexia's nodes are referred to as "jackpots" for obvious reasons. Collections such as the Silver Paltis, the Diamond Lucius, and the Golden Emis are all distinct from one another. Having these Jackpot nodes as a part of your portfolio will allow you to earn $CON at a fixed rate for the rest of your life. Contexia is much more than a 'node project,' as the term implies. It is a passive income protocol that has been established on the base of previous research. So, the firm looked at the weaknesses in previous models, improved what was working well, and fixed what wasn't working properly. So, what would you expect from Contexia? Stay tuned and watch till the end to know about Contexia’s huge giveaway - exclusively for our subscribers!
Every day, more people are becoming involved in projects like the DAO and rebased protocols, and the movement is growing in popularity. Some of them have already made advances that they would not have been able to accomplish on their own without this assistance. However, there are also disadvantages to being first in line: defi is still a relatively new technology, and things might go wrong if basic precautions like due diligence are not taken into consideration. And so, everyone’s initial fear for most projects is that they will not be able to maintain their momentum indefinitely. This is mostly due to the unrealistic annual percentage yields (APYs) they offer their customers and the absence of other revenue streams. Hence, Contexia came up with a couple of solutions for this. They first decided to design their product from the bottom up with long-term viability in mind, and they'll include a variety of revenue streams that will only increase in importance as the project moves forward. To put it another way, this protocol-based approach will be a game-changer in the industry.
The fact that all of these projects are so uninteresting is just another significant flaw in their design. The typical user experience is mainly passive, with little or no engagement on the part of the user. It’s like they are waiting for the delivery of their products or rewards. And so, Contexia is pursuing a different approach. The firm does think that consumers' time is valuable in and of itself and that their time is worth something. As a result, they decided to design a gamified DeFi experience using a play-to-win method that would combine both entertainment and functionality. And also, before releasing their smart contract to the public, they will conduct a comprehensive review of it. As an additional measure, the firm intends to doxx their employees and subject them to a stringent KYC procedure.
Several protocols that promise to provide passive income for life only last a few months before collapsing owing to their dependency on other protocols that promise the same thing. They do not have sufficient assets or revenue sources to ensure their own survival. And so, Contexia’s plans are to invest in a diverse variety of protocols and metaverses, in addition to blue-chip NFTs and their ONLINE CASINO "THE CROWN," among other things. It is anticipated that the corporation would actively publicize its online casino, allowing them to generate substantial revenues while also exposing newcomers to its concept. And because of the economic framework of casinos, they will also be highly long-term in their business operations. In addition to their casino, which will be launched shortly, they want to invest in other cash-flow-generating firms and revenue streams.
Contexia Finance will utilize CON as a native token. However, they've opted to adopt the USDC peg in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and to allow for more accurate evaluations in the future. The Jackpot token will be used to introduce these CON tokens into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Claim tax will be charged to a convexer who seeks to withdraw their earned CON from the system. Aside from that, they'll impose a 10 percent sales tax on all purchases. And by using this method, they will be able to reduce the risk of whale trading and prevent bots from profiting from their token's launch in the future.
Convexers that join this project will be able to increase their status and gain benefits like a Beta test pass for their forthcoming casino, skin boost NFTs, tokens, and more. However, you can gain experience and level up by supporting moderators on Discord, compounding, collecting extra Jackpot Nodes, making ideas to improve the project, and other activities. Convexers can purchase one-of-a-kind skin NFTs, which they can use to boost their Jackpot score. And the CON token now has a new application in this scenario. In addition to providing the Treasury with a new revenue stream, these NFTs will include a number of advantages that will be revealed in the future. And because the CON token is essential to the operation of the whole system, it is necessary to ensure that the token remains stable and increases in value over time. As a result, efforts will be made to continue in this direction. As part of the first phase, users who invest in their CON-USDC LP tokens will receive a 4 percent share of the overall supply, which will be distributed to liquidity providers as an incentive.
With LP tokens, they'll be offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase Jackpot. The purchase price will be granted at a discount to the market value of 100 CON, depending on the proportion of USDC reserves against the FDV (fully diluted valuation). In this way, they're encouraging long-term liquidity provision while simultaneously boosting the token's price increase, which will help to mitigate the effects of whale dumping. They'll also use an Over-the-Counter Ticket mechanism, which will be handled by a Discord bot, to alleviate sell pressure. Members will also be able to initiate deals and sell directly to other customers through the use of this mechanism, among other things. This is advantageous to whales since it prevents price swings while also aiding consumers who receive a small percentage discount. They also strongly encourage all of their whales to make use of this option and avoid dumping on the live market, since it is both in their best interests and in the interests of the protocol. Contexia Finance places a high priority on security. And because of this, they will be conducting a second KYC soon, as well as putting up a multi-sig wallet and locking their liquidity for a period of one year. The pre-sale will be on the 22nd April 2022 and people need to be quick to be whitelisted.
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