Would you like to earn $500 or $1000 in crypto without investment and without competence? In this video, I'm going to share with you the most promising and rewarding airdrops that are making waves in the crypto community. From established blockchain projects to emerging platforms, we present the best airdrops you should keep an eye on. Don't forget that the best cryptocurrency airdrops aren't just about potential financial gains, they're also about participating in innovative projects that could redefine the future of digital currencies.  By the way, if you're interested in learning about DeFi and discovering innovative projects, you may want to check out our 'Mastering DeFi' course. It's designed to help you understand DeFi in a fun and easy way, with lessons that you can access immediately. Right now, we're offering a special launch discount of 90% off. If you'd like to learn more, just click on the link in the description and become a true cryptopreneur!  Now, let's get started.
The first airdrop that can help you earn money completely for free is the Dbank airdrop.
Dbank is a Defi tool, it is a multi-chain portfolio tracker and currently supports a high number of protocols in defi. It allows users to track their lp tokens in different pools, NFT worth, tokens held in different chains and their worths, current gas price, and many more on one user-friendly dashboard.
The platform is currently hinting at a possible airdrop for its users, and if you’re looking to position yourself for the airdrop, here’s a guide on how to do it:
Head over to https://debank.com and log in with your MM wallet. Sign the wallet ownership to open your dashboard and have a look at the worth of some of the tokens you own.
On your dashboard, click on the Twitter icon below your wallet to add and verify your Twitter account. Verify your email on the next slide as well.
From the dashboard, you will notice the prompt to mint a Debank ID for 96$. If you’re a rich kid, you can buy it, but if you’re not, here’s how to get the ID for free: joins a group or community where you can exchange followers and do follow for follow to build your community and qualify for ID.
After that, head over to your dashboard and add an image to your profile. You can upload it or use one of their avatars.
Create a Debank layer2, create a password for it, and verify and confirm transactions in the wallet. And you’re good to go.
It’s important to note that airdrops can be a great way to earn money, but it’s important to do your research and be aware of potential scams. While Dbank is a legitimate platform, it’s always best to thoroughly research a project and its team before participating in an airdrop.
And the next airdrop is DefiChain.
DefiChain is a decentralized exchange using the DeFi Blockchain; a Bitcoin fork project specialized in DeFi (decentralized finance) services.
They are also behind the CakeDefi project which you can get to know better by going through this review.
DeFi Blockchain is one of the largest Bitcoin DeFi protocols in the world and has managed to successfully compete with other popular similar projects, such as Lighting Network.
The DefiChain platform has partnered with CakeDefi to airdrop the equivalent of $30 in DFI (the native token for DeFiChain) to new users. To participate in the DefiChain airdrop, you first need to sign up and verify your e-mail on cakedefi.com, complete the KYC verification process, and deposit $50 worth of supported tokens into the stacking, lending, or liquidity mining freezer.
Participants in the campaign need to freeze/lock their tokens for at least 28 days to be eligible for the airdrop. In addition to the $30 DFI reward, users will also get $10 worth of DFI tokens for each referral they bring into the project.
Airdrop rewards will be locked into CakeDefi’s Confectionery program for 180 days, a period for which they will receive a 34.5% interest.
Permission.io is a platform that pays users for watching advertisements and shopping online. The blockchain startup has its native token called ASK, which is used to reward users for engaging with brands, sharing their data, and other activities.
The Permission.io platform has an ongoing airdrop that pays 100 ASK tokens to each new user that signs up and verifies their e-mail. You can also become an ambassador and earn 300 additional ASK or refer your friends to get 100 ASK tokens per referral. The airdrop rewards will be in your pending balance before passing KYC verification.
The third Airdrop is for the Aptos blockchain.
Aptos network main airdrop ended on October 25th, 2022. The users who got a chance to mint ZERO NFTs on the Aptos testnet have been able to claim 150 Aptos tokens ($1300+),  with a total of 20,076,150 APT airdropped to participants.
If you missed the recent Aptos airdrop, don’t fret about it, as the ecosystem is still in its beginning phase, and a variety of Aptos-based projects have been announced recently, with potential upcoming airdrops on the way.
One of the ways to be eligible for future airdrops is to download popular Aptos wallets, such as Martian Wallet or Pontem Wallet, and bridge some tokens like USDC to the Aptos Blockchain.
The Pontem Wallet airdrop was officially confirmed, while the Martian Wallet airdrop is rumored to happen in the following months. To qualify for the future Pontem airdrop, you need to trade tokens on Liquidswap, an Aptos-based decentralized exchange. Providing liquidity on one of the available pools on the exchange, such as APT/USDC, will increase your chance for an airdrop reward.
Martian Wallet allows users to mint free NFTs using the testnet and devnet networks, which may bring eligibility for future airdrops.
Another interesting cryptocurrency project on Aptos that announced a future airdrop is the liquidity protocol Tortuga, which requires staking APT for tAPT tokens.
Cetus Protocol is a liquidity protocol and DEX based on the Aptos network, which may also launch its token and offer an airdrop soon. To qualify, you need to swap assets and provide liquidity on the DEX app, by visiting the website below.
Overall, I give the project a big thumbs up. It is new and there are a lot of things to make sure work, but for now, I like it.
The last airdrop on this list that you can claim right now is that of Gitcoin.
Gitcoin is a platform to fund builders looking for meaningful, open-source work. They’ve pioneered Quadratic Funding, a novel, democratic way to fund public goods in their quarterly Gitcoin Grants rounds. Since its launch in November 2017, Gitcoin Grants has now provided nearly $16M of funding to public goods. Gitcoin is airdropping its new governance token GTC to various early participants of the platform. A total of 15,000,000 GTC has been allocated to GMV (Gross Marketplace Value), users who’ve done on-platform actions, KERNEL members, and projects who’ve participated in the Funder’s League.
To claim tokens, you need to follow a few simple steps. Visit the Gitcoin airdrop claim page. Log in using Github. If you’re eligible, then you will see your claim amount. Now connect your ETH wallet, click on “Get started” and complete the three required missions. You will be able to claim your tokens once you’ve completed the missions.
A total of 15,000,000 GTC has been allocated to various past Gitcoin participants. They’re distributed as follows: 10,080,000 GTC has been allocated to GMV (Gross Marketplace Value), which means any action in which value flowed through Gitcoin. This includes bounties, tips, hackathons, and grants. GMV allocations were split evenly between spenders and earners.
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