For most crypto investors, there is nothing more important than making a return on their investment. Thanks to the volatility, this can be done quickly or it can be a hugely difficult task. That's why crypto airdrops are an inexpensive way to make additional returns on your portfolio. After all, airdrop tokens are free and never hurt, right?
Almost daily there are new crypto airdrops, with some easier to obtain than others. Not every airdrop is equally reliable. Crypto airdrops always seem very lucrative at first, but they can also cause problems.
That's why you should always make sure you choose the right Airdrop to participate.
In this video, you will discover our list of the 5 best Airdrops currently available. The good news is that you can earn up to $100 or more with these Airdrops.
Watch this video all the way through, because we will tell you how you can claim these different Airdrops.
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Now, let's get started.
#1: Basic Attention Token
The very first crypto airdrop on our list is Basic Attention Token.
Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a blockchain-based system that uses the Brave web browser and is built on Ethereum. The project’s goal is to measure media users’ time and attention on websites. Basic Attention Token shares advertising money effectively between creators, publishers, and users of online marketing material and adverts.
The project distributes 70% of its advertising income to holders of Basic Attention Token. To get involved, download the Brave browser. Next, enable ‘Brave Advertising’ within the browser. This will allow you to get notifications about advertisements to earn free BAT while browsing the web.
This is one of the best free crypto airdrops. All you have to do is interact with the aforementioned alerts, look at the advertisements in question, and you’ll receive 70% of the funds from Basic Attention Token. Brave receives the remaining 30%. Holders receive all accrued tokens at the end of the monthly Brave Rewards cycle.
Random crypto giveaways of 25-40 BAT can also be claimed. On a first-come, first-served basis, users can claim token awards once every 30 days. You may do so by installing the web browser and turning on ‘Brave Rewards’, which will make you eligible to earn free crypto.
When one becomes available, a notification appears on the Rewards icon. You’ll be able to use BAT to pay for premium content and redeem it for real-world incentives like hotel stays, restaurant vouchers, and gift cards in the near future.
#2: DAO Labs
The next up is DAO Labs.
DAO Labs is a dApp research and development project with a worldwide network of major collaborators, clients, and blockchains. The platform focuses on assisting businesses in the creation of next-generation governance infrastructure.
This could be described as a tokenized consulting firm. More importantly, the platform is about to carry out one of the best crypto airdrops, where you can earn digital currency for performing simple tasks. To further explain, for performing basic social chores, DAO Labs is airdropping up to 60 BUSD.
In order to receive up to 60 BUSD, you need to head over to the DAO Labs platform and complete a free crypto airdrop form to say you wish to participate. Next, you will be required to join the Telegram group and channel, as well as follow them on Medium and Twitter.
The final step is to submit the details to the airdrop form so that you can earn free crypto. You can also complete the additional tasks to be eligible for a portion of a 25,000 BUSD prize pool. This includes creating an account at DAO Labs.
You will be required to do things like completing surveys, joining Telegram, and performing various tasks on Twitter – all the while earning points. The more points you earn, the more BUSD you will be awarded from the main prize pool.
#3: Binance
Another one is Binance.
Binance is one of the most popular crypto-to-crypto exchanges in the world, supporting over 100 currencies for deposit and withdrawal. Their goal is to become the blockchain ecosystem’s infrastructure services provider.
There are plenty of opportunities to access the best crypto airdrops at Binance as it hosts a number of trading tournaments and giveaways for its users. Create a Binance account to start, then you can access multiple upcoming airdrops.
Moreover, the first 10,000 people who apply for the Binance Card and complete the KYC process will be deemed eligible for 5 BUSD. Five of these participants will be chosen to receive a full Bitcoin. To qualify, you must complete a transaction on the card with a minimum of $10.
Binance’s other promotions include a share of 90,000 BUSD, 200 NFT mystery boxes, and a prize pool worth $4,000. If you create a Binance account, follow them, and also the Alpine F1 team on Twitter, you can win ALPINE tokens and NFTs.
#4: StormGain
The next one is StormGain.
StormGain is a universal cryptocurrency trading platform where people can buy, sell, and exchange digital assets on either the desktop or cell phone app. The StormGain platform is used by over a million newbies and seasoned traders around the world.
This is the best crypto airdrop for people looking for free digital tokens pegged to USD. So, how does it work? New users that sign up for a StormGain account will receive a 25 USDT airdrop. The platform is easy to use and you will need to complete the KYC process to verify your account.
Importantly, you will need to deposit 100 USDT or more into the StormGain trading account to qualify.
You may also mine cryptocurrency and get your tokens in as little as four hours. Finally, refer a friend to mine at StormGain and you’ll get 15% of the funds they withdraw from mined digital currencies. In exchange for registering, the referred friend will also earn free crypto which at the time of this recording, is 3 USDT.
And finally, we have RAW DAO.
RAW DAO is a platform for educating, networking, and converting physical assets into digital ones. RAW DAO’s governance token is $RAW. In one of its latest free airdrops, JUNO holders, as well as JunoSwap, and Osmosis liquidity providers will get a total of 200 million $RAW.
The upcoming crypto airdrops are intended to reward Juno and Cosmos ecosystem supporters and it’s not too late to become a part of it. Those who have staked and supplied liquidity on multiple Cosmos protocols for the longest time will be rewarded more tokens.
There will be three categories for the airdrop, and the total giveaway is 200 million RAW tokens. Specifically, 20 million $RAW will be distributed amongst Osmosis liquidity providers. Then 80 million $RAW will be airdropped for JUNO Stakers. A further 100 million $RAW will be airdropped for JunoSwap liquidity providers.
To claim the best crypto airdrops by RAW DAO you need to go to the claim page on the platform itself and connect your digital wallet. As we touched on, anyone providing liquidity to Osmosis or JunoSwap and those holding tokens will be able to claim free $RAW.
Now, how to find Tokenless protocols that may airdrop? Let us know in the comments section below if you want us to make a video about it.
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