While Bitcoin is moving below $20,000 at the time of this recording, many analysts are questioning whether it is capable of sustainably moving above $25,000 or whether the crypto-currency will head towards the psychologically key level of $14,000.
As a result, the cryptocurrency market is undergoing large price swings, mainly as Bitcoin moves. The fall of the market is often seen as a buying opportunity. Thus, it is possible for you to bet on some of the best cryptos to buy during a crash - the most promising ones!
So, let's find out now about the best cryptos to buy during a crypto crash that you might want to include in your wallet.
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Now, let's get started.
#1: Polygon
The very first crypto you should consider buying in the crash is Polygon.
Polygon is a blockchain that offers an alternative solution to Ethereum allowing it to obtain better scalability. Its biggest advantage is certainly a large number of potential uses. Moreover, the network is designed to scale up with its side chains, which means that it can theoretically be used for mass adoption.
But there are many reasons why Polygon could grow:
Polygon is working to provide a comprehensive framework and relevant tools for projects that want to create interconnected blockchain networks.
Many developers use the Ethereum virtual machine to create decentralized applications. The compatibility between Polygon and the EVM allows them to take advantage of certain freedoms to create autonomous, flexible, and scalable networks.
Large companies are interested in the Polygon project like Coca-Cola, Reddit, and Disney. And at the time of this recording, Polygon is sitting on $0.76, so it's down 4X.
It is for these reasons that you should consider buying Polygon in this crash. 
#2: Avalanche
The next crypto you should consider buying during the crash is Avalanche. It is the best competing platform for Ethereum.
Avalanche is an alternative solution to Ethereum for creating fast decentralized applications with relatively low transaction fees that target a variety of different blockchain projects. The scaling solution for this blockchain is the use of "subnets" that allow traffic to be redirected. Thus, Avalanche is helping to accelerate the development of Web 3.0.
Why is Avalanche growing so fast?
Well, the Avalanche token is one of the best DeFi crypto-currencies.
Avalanche is fully compatible with Ethereum applications while making the necessary improvements to Ethereum's limitations, making it a popular alternative.
The project benefits from quality partnerships that only confirm its growing popularity such as Circle, Chainlink, Deloitte, and MasterCard.
The Avalanche Foundation has launched "Avalanche Multiverse," an incentive program of up to $290 million to accelerate the adoption and growth of its new subnetwork functionality.
Another very interesting thing about this project is that at the time of this recording, Avalanche is sitting on $17.45, so it is down at least 8X from its All-Time-High. For the reasons we just discussed, you should buy Avalanche in this crash.
#3: Near Protocol
The third crypto you should consider buying when you crash is Near Protocol.  This is the best crypto-currency using sharding.
Building a brand new blockchain using sharding to achieve a different architecture allowed Near Protocol to split the blockchain into smaller segments called "shards". This reduces the load on the network, making it easier for users to manage the blockchain and increasing the throughput of transactions made on the network to achieve better usability and scalability.
Want to know why the Near protocol might increase? Well, the team succeeded in its latest round of funding in January 2022, as it managed to raise $150 million from several large investors such as Dragonfly Capital, Alameda, and even Circle Ventures.
The development of Aurora, an Ethereum virtual machine created by the Near Protocol team, seems popular. Indeed, it offers to developers a turnkey solution to run their applications on an Ethereum-compatible platform with many improvements for its users.
Near Protocol has a growing community of developers. It is one of the fastest growing developer communities, which shows its growth potential.
Near Protocol has gone from over $20 to $3.59, which is a drop of almost 6X.
For the reasons we just mentioned, Near Protocol may well surpass its current All-Time-High, which is why you should consider adding Near Protocol to your wallet in the current crash.
#4: Fantom
The next one will be Fantom.
It is the native token of a low-cost, tier 1 blockchain.
Fantom is a scalable, open-source blockchain that facilitates global transactions with high efficiency, sustainability, and low cost using the latest generation of distributed ledger technologies. Because the network architecture is modular, users can benefit from full blockchain customization based on the needs of users and smart contract creators.
Just like the projects we've seen before, there are many reasons why Fantom could grow.
Fantom aims to be a platform that solves some of the limitations of Ethereum, Fantom's smart contracts are fully compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine and can be used with the same coding language used with Ethereum.
The Fantom Foundation created its blockchain to provide a fully decentralized platform and a new consensus based on DAG technology to solve problems within the ecosystem while ensuring that it can be used by companies in different sectors.
The governance on the network blockchain stimulates community engagement and therefore supports the use of the native token, the MTF.
Fantom created the Lachesis protocol, an aBFT (Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus protocol in which no one participant is a leader, allowing the network to consistently operate at full capacity.
At the time of this recording, Fantom is at $0.22. This is a significant drop of 15 times from its all-time high. Investing in Fantom during this crash could be a good decision.
#5: Decentraland
And the last project that could be an interesting investment if you invest now in this crash is Decentraland.
In our opinion, this is the best crypto game to buy during a crypto crash.
The mix of virtual and augmented reality offered by the metaverse has made a new digital life possible and Decentraland is one of the most popular metaverse games to meet people, buy and sell land as an NFT, play virtual games, or trade collectibles through its native token, MANA. Now, why would Decentraland grow? Well, for many, Decentraland is easier to play than other popular metaverse games.
Decentraland is a leading metaverse game, which allows it to attract many players and drive the adoption of the MANA token.
Institutional investors are attracted to Decentraland and are developing specific investment vehicles like Grayscale's Decentraland Trust.
Numerous online events are taking place on Decentraland with major international brands such as the Metaverse Fashion Week in March 2022 with brands such as Estée Lauder, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, and Forever 21 among nearly 70 participating brands.
In addition, Decentraland has fallen by more than 10X. So, for these reasons we just mentioned, you should consider buying Decentraland in this crash.
Now, what we can tell you is that during a crypto crash, you can spot the best altcoins by analyzing their price movement during this sharp price drop.
You can either spot the tokens that lost heavily to take advantage of the strong potential rebound ahead, or you can focus on the tokens that lost less than their peers since that means they outperformed them.
Either way, analyzing their price movement allows you to buy the best crypto-currencies during a crypto-crash. For example, you can use data aggregators like CoinMarketCap, CoinSniper, or Coingecko to do this.
Now guys, do you think these projects can make you rich? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
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