Aurory is a new Crypto project that will make you millionaires. It hasn't been launched yet, but there are a lot of people, and even investment funds, who are interested in it, for many reasons. So, if you have the token before the project is launched, you will make a maximum profit. The advantage is that his IDO will be launched soon.
Aurory already has a full-fledged NFT marketplace, based on the Solana network, which allows anyone to buy or sell NFT on Solana Blockchain. You have the opportunity to make a lot of money in that marketplace and we'll tell you how.
Thus, in this video, we will present this project, then we will guess the phases of the IDO and its functioning.
So, as usual, watch this video to the end, so you don't miss any details.
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Let's get started!
Aurory is a project in development for several months and it is only since April 2021 that they started to tweet and make themselves known. Rather known for their sale of NFT with some having reached the 6 figures and acquired by an investment fund, Aurory hides a much larger world.
Aurory is primarily a desktop game where players are invited to explore a rich and diverse universe.
If you are a gamer, this is perfect for you.
You will have to travel through the world of Antik, where creatures commonly known as Nefties live. You'll need to recruit Nefties into your team to participate in battles and level them up. These Nefties are of course NFTs that you will have to buy, trade, or acquire in the ecosystem or in the different markets places.
Indeed, Aurory is in reality a role-playing game project with PVE and PVP, all this using NFT on Solana. The different NFTs that have been sold so far are characters in the universe of this future RPG Play to Earn.
With this game, you can earn $AURY through PvE and PvP game modes. This token is the multi-utility ecosystem token. It can be traded via traditional CEX / DEX and in-game Aurory market. In the future, it will act as Aurory's governance token, allowing holders to vote on important game development decisions.
But if you are not a gamer and want to benefit, there are many other easy ways in which you can multiply your money exponentially with this project and we will talk about them.
But first, there is one interesting thing you should look at. If you go to their Twitter page, you'll notice that they already have a huge community of almost 190k followers, and that community is only getting bigger as people are becoming aware of the earning potential that it will bring.
The project is in the process of launching and there are many signs of progress they've made so far, and the team shows no signs of slowing down.
By the way, the Aurory IDO is scheduled on Thursday, October 21st at 14:00 UTC and we will see how it will go. So, in order not to regret it afterward, everyone needs to be prepared. But in the meantime, if you have already benefited from this video, please leave us a "Like" and share if you haven't already.
Now, let's continue!
Aurory offers everyone who owns the $AURY token the opportunity to stake and earn a substantial income with an APR of 28% for the Flexible Pool and an APR of 53% for the Fixed Pool.
Another very important thing to consider about this project is their NFT marketplace called "" based on the Solana network, filled with very nice collections of NFT, even the most famous ones. Whether it's Aurorians, SolPunks, Bold Badgers, and more, you can trade them on their marketplace. Solanart also aims to promote artists and creators by offering them a reliable marketplace to share their art. So, if you have graphic design skills, you can also design your models and resell them on the Marketplace.
And when you put your NFT up for sale, it is stored on a "temporary account" belonging to the marketplace program and added to a database that stores the sale data.
When someone buys your NFT, the program transfers the SOL amount from the buyer to the seller and then releases the NFT which is sent to the buyer.
Solanart uses both on-chain and off-chain data. This means that off-chain data is stored in a database and used to display all NFTs for sale on the main page, while on-chain data is used to display NFTs one by one, or from the "My NFTs for Sale" section in the "Portfolio" tab. The choice to use the database for the main page was made to allow easy sorting of all NFTs by attributes, price, and oldest or most recent sales.
The data on the channel provides a secure and decentralized experience. The marketplace could be fully decentralized, but managing many thousands of NFTs for sale and displaying them with filters on the main page is currently not feasible due to query limitations on the Solana network. But we are sure that the developers will soon find a solution for that.
To be able to make transactions on this platform, you must first create an account and set it up. To do so, you need to follow certain steps.
1. First, you need to create a Solana wallet. We recommend you to use Solflare for its simplicity and security.
2. Next, you need to download the wallet extension for your browser.
3. Once you've done that, it's time to buy SOLs on an exchange like FTX, Binance, or Coinbase, then send them to the public address of your wallet.
4. Once you have loaded your wallet, go to and connect your wallet by pressing the "Connect wallet" button in the upper right corner. And you can start using without any problems buying, storing, or selling your NFTs.
Once you log in to the platform, you will discover thousands of NFT collections that are online. Some are listed and some are not. From the ones listed, you can select the one you want for your project.
If the collection has the Global Offer feature, you will find the Global Offer tab on the main collection page, next to the Items and Activity tabs. You can also make a Global Offer by going to your dashboard, selecting My NFTs, and then Global Offer. Depending on the collection, you will be able to make a global offer for "all attributes" or for specific attributes.
A market commission of 3% is charged on the sale price of each transaction. A designer fee, which is chosen by the designers and therefore varies depending on the collection, is also deducted from the sale price and collected entirely by the designers. So, for designers, make sure you have enough SOL to cover the transaction fee before you put your NFT up for sale.
So, as promised, we are now going to give you the details of the IDO phase. In total, there will be 3 phases.
The first one will last 48 hours from the official launch. And during this phase, you will be able to deposit and withdraw USDC on a smart contract of the Solana blockchain. By depositing your USDC, the price of the $AURY token will change as it will depend essentially on the total amount of USDC deposited.
Thus, the greater the total amount of USDC deposited, the greater the token will be and the greater the value, and the higher the price.
The second phase will take 24 hours. During this second phase, you will no longer be able to file a USDC.
This grace period only allows you to withdraw your USDC if you find the token price too high. By removing your USDC from the smart contract, you will lower the price of the $AURY token for everyone present.
As for the last phase, it will allow you to claim the $AURY tokens you bought. Following this purchase, you will have 1 month to claim these tokens.
Finally, if you do not get your $AURY back on time, the tokens may be permanently burned.
We must now wait for the date of October 21 to participate in this IDO that promises itself epic. Indeed, if investment funds lurk around the project, the price of the $AURY token can quickly soar. The good thing is that you won’t have to get up in the middle of the night to participate.
The price of the $AURY token will be determined by the amount of $USDT present in the smart contract at the end of the sale.
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