Cryptocurrency investments, if made at the right time and with proper knowledge, have the power and capability to earn crazy unexpected returns. In 2011, when Bitcoin was initially launched with a value of mere $0.1, no one would have thought that this unique token would gain a value as high as $68k!
Well, would this history be repeated? Let's find out in this new video from our 3 coins to 3 million series!
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In this video we will explore and discuss three highly lucrative coins, worthy of being a part of your portfolio as they have quite high potential in the coming few months!
The first coin in our list is the token that aims to redefine the memecoin token is robo ape coin.
Some of the new cryptocurrency projects are highly distinctive and draw the interest of the crypto community because of their unique methodologies and use cases.
Robo Ape coin accounts of one of these projects as it has demonstrated massive potential and seeks to potentially rival the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), in the upcoming years.
The roboape ecosystem shapes its financial stability on a deflationary policy. In line with this policy, the supply in the market is reduced by gradually burning tokens. In the long term, the RBA token value will increase in accordance with this policy. This shall ensure consistent enhancement in the prices and hereby robo Ape is counted in one of the ideal investments in order to boost your portfolio.
RoboApe shall produce an NFT collection to appeal to large audiences, and will offer its investors the opportunity to earn additional income with this collection. Not only this, the team behind this unique token is looking forward to conducting marketing through the NFT collection to promote the ecosystem.
Another distinctive feature of RoboApe which plays a significant role in determining the high future prices of the token is its extensive planning in esports. The project aims to use esports in marketing campaigns actively and it is projected to have a big influence in this field. E sports, as we all know, is a highly profitable and lucrative Avenue and any investment directly or indirectly made here is deemed to be highly profitable.
Thanks to its solid roadmap, RoboApe (RBA) has succeeded to be in the portfolio of many investors. RBA, which allows buying with its pre-sale values, is presented among the tokens that will increase their value in the future.
RoboApe token is now in presale, and will shortly enter the cryptocurrency market. The initiative is a decentralized community-driven platform with no leadership roles assigned.
Robo Ape token is built in the Ethereum blockchain and is both an ERC20 and meme token. 
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Moving on the next coin which has caught our attention is none other than Solana!
Solana is a popular blockchain network with high scalability and security. It is known to have faster transaction rates than Ethereum as well as lower gas fees, hence many individuals prefer it over Ethereum. With impeccable blockchain technology, SOL is known to be one of the best cryptos in the space.
Somewhat similar to our first coin, the Solana network also an NFT marketplace called Solanart which is another major feature it holds. Solana has been a significant token for purchasing and selling NFTs through Solanart.
The bearish sentiment has affected the cryptocurrencies and even though Solana has been affected by the dip, it remains one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the market, depicting its resilience and high potential in the future.
One of the distinctive features used by this blockchain platform is its unique consensus process called proof-of-history.
This system employs investment data and market value data to verify the validity and correctness of transactions, making it far more secure than existing blockchains.
In addition, Solana uses a system of distributed applications known as dApps to give additional user and investment resources.
Solana has become one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies today, because of its investment potential, strong market value, and cutting-edge technology. SOL is presently selling at $45 per coin, down from it's all-time high of $260 per coin one year ago, making it an attractive investment owing to its substantial discount.
The last coin on our list is Helium or HNT.
The HNT token is the native cryptocurrency of the Helium blockchain. The very first token appeared There are no provisions for pre-mining HNT. Being launched with the genesis block on July 29, 2019, this token serves the needs of the two primary parties in the Helium blockchain ecosystem.
The two parties being the Hotspot hosts and Network operators, as well as enterprises and developers using the Helium network.
The helium blockchain offers numerous benefits to its users.
Firstly, with traditional centralized telecom, the price of data continues to increase on a yearly basis. However, the Helium blockchain provides a decentralized format. It grows organically with the addition of more hotspots at a cheaper rate.
Secondly, Helium ensures that all communications on the blockchain have end-to-end encryption, making it the most suitable for sensitive information.
Further, sensors on the Helium blockchain unlike those on cellular chips help in conserving battery life. They could even last for several years.
Moreover, Helium is known for its ability to perform over wide ranges, as well as low operating costs.
Last year was a bullish one for Helium. The price started to climb in January 2021, and surpassed $5 in March. Helium then passed another Helium improvement proposal in April 2021 that allowed it to provide 5G coverage, making it the world’s first consumer-owned 5G network.
After the 5G announcement, the HNT price skyrocketed to $18.66 in April 2021 and hit $19.51 in May. It settled below the $15 mark over the next two months, then passed the psychological $20 barrier in August 2021.
Helium’s momentum carried on over the following months as it announced a partnership with network carrier Dish. The collaboration was revealed at the end of October and allows Dish subscribers to run Helium nodes and earn HNT for sharing the 5G network. The move was a big step for the blockchain, as Dish is the first major carrier to join its mission.
November 2021 was a spectacular month for the HNT price. On 1 November, the coin was priced at $28.26. From there, it accelerated upwards to reach its all-time high of $55.22 on 12 November. However, by 25 November 2021, the HNT price was hovering around $43.
Coming to the future price predictions of helium, the cryptocurrency exchange aggregator SwapSpace expects a long term price increase and considers it a profitable investment. Its HNT price prediction asserted that, overall, Helium cryptocurrency has a positive outlook and potentially will continue growing in the future.
The HNT crypto price prediction from DigitalCoinPrice forecasts Helium to reach $15.53 by July, and $15.83 by the end of the year. Its HNT price prediction for 2025 is for the coin to reach an average value of $22.56 and it suggests it could hit $53.68 by 2030.
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