Are you ready to take your crypto portfolio to the next level with the hottest and most promising coins of 2023? Today, we unveil the top 5 trending crypto gems that have the potential to skyrocket your investments to new heights. These coins are the talk of the town and hold immense promise for explosive growth. Whether you're an experienced investor or just starting your crypto journey, these coins are worth exploring. Stay tuned as we unveil these 5 hot trending crypto coins that could skyrocket your wealth this year and in the years to come.
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Now, let's get started.
The very first hot trending crypto to buy right now is DOGECOIN.
It's currently up by one or two percent, and let us tell you, it's causing quite a stir in the crypto community.
Now, here's one major reason for all the hype - none other than the influential entrepreneur himself, Elon Musk. Recently, he made a significant change to his Twitter profile that's caught everyone's attention. He added an 'X' logo and the letter 'D' for DOGECOIN. Speculation is running wild - could this mean something big is in the works? Are we witnessing Elon planning to integrate DOGECOIN into his new 'X' app? The possibilities are certainly intriguing!
Let's take a trip down memory lane. In the last cycle, DOGECOIN made headlines when it surged to an all-time high of $0.72. Quite impressive, right? However, currently, it's trading at $0.07. But don't let that dip discourage us. We firmly believe DOGECOIN has the potential to reach new heights. While it might not hit a 1,000x increase, a 10 to 30x surge is definitely on the table. At this moment, DOGECOIN's market cap stands at $10 billion. But here's the exciting part - what if it could break into the $100 billion, $200 billion, or even $300 billion range? With the money rushing back into the crypto market, especially with the rise of Bitcoin, we see a prime opportunity for DOGECOIN to make a significant run.
That's why DOGECOIN is your very first hot trending crypto to buy right now.
Before we move on to the next project on our list, we have a little bonus for our viewers! Allow us to introduce Grape, the cutting-edge platform driving the evolution of Web4 and decentralized internet. This remarkable project is set to reshape the digital landscape.
Now, your second hot trending crypto to buy right now is going to be CRONOS.
We have some very exciting news to share with you about CRONOS. Last week, a major event took place as Ubisoft, the renowned video game publisher, joined the CRONOS ecosystem as a network validator. This partnership holds significant implications for the future of CRONOS.
Remember BNB, the dark horse crypto that surged from $40 to $600 during the last bull market and remains strong to this day? Well, CRONOS has a similar potential for exponential growth. Even in its lowest moments, CRO was trading at five cents, but it managed to reach a dollar. Currently, it sits at 5.8 cents, and this is despite the exciting news about the Ubisoft partnership. This suggests there's still plenty of room for growth in the CRONOS ecosystem.
One thing that sets CRONOS apart is its impressive backing from major players. In addition to Ubisoft, they've formed partnerships with F1 and other giants in the sports and entertainment industries. These collaborations pave the way for widespread adoption and recognition, firmly solidifying CRONOS' position in the ever-expanding crypto market.
Now, let's take a closer look at CRONOS' current market status. Presently, it boasts a market cap of $1.5 billion, while its fully diluted valuation is only $1.7 billion. This suggests an undervaluation that becomes evident when considering CRONOS' ranking as a top 50 crypto, sitting at number 36. With such a position and the extensive backing it has, there's a clear indication of ample room for significant growth.
As we embark on what appears to be the beginning stages of a bull market, CRONOS stands to reap the benefits of positive market sentiment. Taking a technical approach, the fair value estimation for CRONOS is around 10 cents, nearly double its current value. In a bullish market, this could lead to even higher gains, making CRONOS an enticing opportunity for investors seeking to ride the crypto wave.
The next one on this list is DEXCHECK.
Currently, DEXCHECK has experienced an impressive 12% increase, reaching a value of 3.8 cents. The token is available for purchase on various platforms such as Kucoin, Maxi,, and PancakeSwap. What makes it even more interesting is its relatively small fully diluted valuation, standing at only 38 million. While CoinGecko has not listed its market cap value yet, it is estimated to be a few million dollars. Examining the chart, DEXCHECK has already demonstrated significant growth, nearly doubling from its initial three cents presale price and achieving over 4X growth.
So, what exactly is DEXCHECK? It is an analytics tool powered by artificial intelligence designed for analyzing crypto and NFT dominance. Interestingly, this project is reminiscent of another venture called ChainGPT, which displayed similar chart patterns. ChainGPT reached its peak at $0.16, dropped to around $0.10, and then surged to all-time highs of approximately $0.25 to $0.30. DEXCHECK's chart seems to follow comparable patterns, suggesting the possibility of future growth. Unlike ChainGPT, DEXCHECK has already circulated its tokens, which may result in volatility to the upside rather than facing downward pressure from ongoing unlocks. This recognition could drive people to take long positions, leading to potential price increases. So, make sure to DYOR before you invest.
Another hot trending crypto to buy right now is going to be IMMUTABLE X.
Let's begin by looking at the strength of the ecosystem surrounding IMMUTABLE X. The outstanding NFT trading volume on the platform serves as a positive indicator of its robustness. Moreover, this volume opens up possibilities for further growth and wider adoption in the market.
Approximately 50% of the tokens are currently in circulation, a factor that needs consideration. It's important to note that the token operates as an ERC-20 token on the layer 2 platform and does not serve as a means to pay gas fees.
Now, When compared to other major chains like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, and Polygon, the platform's NFT sales volume stands out as impressive. Despite this strong performance, the market cap of IMMUTABLE X remains lower, hinting at significant room for growth.
For stakeholders, there are notable benefits, particularly in terms of staking rewards. The platform offers attractive staking rewards, with an average of around 20% APR. However, it's worth mentioning that staking requires active involvement, as users need to trade NFTs on the layer 2 platform every two weeks.
Finally, we believe IMMUTABLE X is an excellent choice as the preferred Layer 2 option for Ethereum. This decision is based on its increasing user base and the substantial funding it has received, which excites us about the platform's future prospects.
And that's all for today's video.
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