Are you looking for a way to earn free money with crypto?  Well, in this video, we are going to review the 7 best crypto faucets that you can use to earn free digital assets in 2022.
Watch this video all the way through because the last crypto faucet on our list is definitely the best and will help you earn up to 13 different cryptos, including popular cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more.
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Now, let's get started.
Crypto faucets have become a popular way to earn free digital assets. These platforms allow you to earn free cryptocurrencies as a reward for completing simple tasks.
#1: FreeBitcoin
The very first crypto faucet on our list is FreeBitcoin.
Launched in 2013, FreeBitcoin is one of the oldest and most popular crypto faucets available today. As the name suggests, it lets you earn free Bitcoin by playing games on its website. According to the platform, you could win up to $200 worth of Bitcoin every hour by engaging with its games.
Apart from playing games, FreeBitcoin also lets you earn free crypto through contests and other features. You can also generate passive income by depositing Bitcoin in your FreeBitcoin wallet. The platform also offers free crypto interest accounts with an APY of up to 4.08% on your balance.
FreeBitcoin also has a weekly prize draw, which gives you another opportunity to earn free cryptocurrencies. In addition to this, through its referral program, you can earn a handsome 50% of whatever your affiliates win from the platform. It is also possible to get free tickets to the contests every time someone you referred to plays Bitcoin games on the crypto faucet site.
#2: Lucky Block
The next up is Lucky Block.
Lucky Block is one of the top crypto projects for 2022, offering blockchain-based jackpot prize draws and regular rewards to all participants.
It is one of the fastest-growing games in the online crypto lottery space and since Lucky Block runs on smart contracts, you can be sure that the results of each and every draw are 100% random and credible.
The platform is built on openness and fairness, offering complete tracking and recording, better security and transparency, and faster payment of prizes to winners, while 10% of the daily jackpot is given to charity. A further 10% is given to LBLOCK – the native token – holders who take part in the daily charity voting process and another 8% to marketing and 2% to the NFT prize draw.
Lucky Block is also behind one of the best new NFT projects on the market, the Platinum Rollers Club that gives holders the ability to enter daily giveaway prize draws.
The first jackpot, held in May 2022, saw prizes of almost $2 million, while the next giveaway will take place when the 10,000 NFTs have sold out. That incredible prize will be a Lamborghini worth more than $300,000 and multiple games of chance will be added to the Lucky Block Gallery over time.
#3: Bitcoinker
Another great way to earn cryptocurrency is with Bitcoinker.
Bitcoinker is one of the highest-paying crypto faucets you can find in the market today. The platform lets you claim cryptocurrencies up to 120 times every 24 hours. However, the rewards can only be claimed only in the form of Satoshis. For those unaware, it takes 100 million Satoshis to make up one Bitcoin.
The Satoshis you collect are not automatically sent to your crypto wallet. Instead, they are collected on your account, and once you reach the minimum threshold of 20,000 Satoshis, the coins can be withdrawn to your private wallet.
The actual payout to your wallet happens on the first day of every month for eligible accounts. This crypto faucet provider offers a plethora of ways for you to earn cryptocurrencies. You can choose to play games, complete surveys, watch advertisements, or simply browse through websites.
#4: Cointiply
Cointiply is another popular crypto faucet for Bitcoin and other digital tokens. You can gain rewards on this platform by completing surveys, discovering new businesses, watching videos, or even playing free games. Depending on your location and the time you spend on this crypto faucet site, you will be able to earn hundreds of dollars every month.
Moreover, on Cointiply, there is no limit on how much free crypto you can accumulate. The platform even allows you to multiply your earnings by up to 61 times by participating in contests. Furthermore, you can take advantage of loyalty programs and gain a 25% bonus through referral programs.
Another advantage of Cointiply is that it is also available as a crypto faucet app for Android users. At the time of this recording, Cointiply can be used to claim not only Bitcoin but also other digital assets such as Dogecoin, Dash, and Litecoin. The platform also lets you earn up to 5% interest on your crypto balance, once you add 35,000 digital coins to your Cointiply account.
#5: FireFaucet
Yet another crypto faucet is FireFaucet.
FireFaucet is a great platform for those who seek to create a diversified portfolio of digital coins using crypto faucet sites. This is one of the best crypto faucets to pay rewards in the form of Bitcoin and other digital tokens, including Binance Coin, Tether, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Tron, Monero, and more.
Furthermore, the rewards you receive from this site depend on your rank as a user. In other words, the more you engage with FireFaucet, the higher your daily rank will be. This can be highly advantageous since the crypto faucet platform rewards its top 20 users with additional incentives every day. You can also attain extra perks by completing daily challenges on this platform.
#6: FaucetCrypto
Now, Faucet Crypto distinguishes itself by giving you access to 18 different cryptocurrencies. You can earn coins on this free crypto faucet every 25 minutes, by completing tasks such as viewing videos and taking surveys. Furthermore, we also found Faucet Crypto to be very user-friendly, with an advanced panel that lets you track your earnings.
This crypto faucet site follows a level-up system for offering rewards. As you complete each task on the platform, you will reach a new level – with higher rewards to be claimed.
You will also be able to collect different items as you finish challenges, which you can sell on the marketplace to other users of the website. The items you collect can be dropped into your account and can be accessed at any time.
Each of these items helps you add bonuses to your account. You can then choose to combine these bonuses with the rewards you collect to multiply your earnings.
And the last crypto faucet on our list is might not come across as a beginner-friendly crypto faucet at first glance – nevertheless, it does have some advantages that might appeal to you. Apart from being a crypto faucet, also functions as a crypto exchange and a web miner.
You can use this faucet to earn free crypto by watching advertisements, playing games, or taking part in its referral program. has an array of interesting crypto games to pick from – including VegaDice, Harvest, and more.
You can also run an auto faucet on this platform, and use the 'Multi-feature to earn up to three different cryptocurrencies at the same time. The rewards are made available for you to claim at the end of each day.
At the time of this recording, lets you earn 13 different cryptocurrencies. This includes Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and even tokens such as Elrond, Tron, and Ripple. This platform also comes with a chat room that can be useful to engage with other users or receive help when needed.
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